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Client Programs

The success of a long-term financial strategy is built upon doing the “right things”, in the “right order”, at the “right time” in your life.

The Foundation Program is typically focused on younger family members of existing clients.  This program also suits the needs of the emerging affluent professional, young entrepreneur or new business owner.

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This program is designed for clients who have the fundamentals in place.  They have been regular contributors to an investment plan and want to see their wealth grow.  Typically they have prior experience working with an advisor or broker.  They have a proven track record in their career or business.

Clients in the Momentum Program are busy people who lead full lives.  Success has given them the opportunity to make lifestyle choices.  They are seeking balances between career and leisure, and between saving for the future and enjoying the present.

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Our clients at this level have established their wealth.  They are looking to protect their capital, but also to participate in investment opportunities in a tax efficient and prudent manner.

Along with protection of capital, clients in the Legacy Program are seeking to maintain the lifestyle that they have achieved through their hard work.  Tax efficient inter-generational wealth transfer is a priority.  Our Legacy Program clients are seeking to develop a high trust, long-term relationship.

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