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Cornwall Cares 2019 Thumbnail

Cornwall Cares 2019

Our Cornwall Cares initiative was created years ago to formalize our support of charities, organizations, teams and clubs– locally, nationally and internationally. Whether we are providing money, time or both, we continue to be inspired to aid others in need around us.

In 2019 we participated in the following causes:

  • We focused on youth by sponsoring hockey teams in Milton and Oakville, the music program at an Oakville secondary school, and the football team at an Oakville secondary school
  • We ran in, and made a donation to the Oakville Terry Fox Run.

We are also proud to have, once again, made donations to the following worthy causes:

Ian Anderson House (www.ianandersonhouse.com) is Ontario’s first in-resident cancer hospice; it offers quality end-of-life palliative care by trained medical professionals, without charge, for those who cannot be given the necessary round-the-clock care in their own homes. The facility is designed to create a homey and safe environment where residents, and families of residents receive the care they need. 

Sleeping Children Around the World (www.scaw.org) a 100% charitable global community of volunteers & partners who have transformed the lives of over 1.5 million children in developing countries by providing bedkits for a good night’s sleep. With sleep, the promise of a better tomorrow is realized. 

Thrive Counselling Services Halton Inc. (www.thrivecounselling.org) is a comprehensive counselling agency serving the Halton Region. They have helped thousands of people struggling with individual and family issues including family conflict, separation, divorce, depression, abuse or violence and grief and loss.

The Lighthouse Program for Grieving Children (www.grievingchildrenlighthouse.org)  has provided a place where children, teens and families grieving a death, feel safe to share their feelings with peers who understand. The support groups and services are provided free for families for as long as they need help.

Community support is a large part of who we are and what we do - we look forward to continued support of many organizations, clubs and charities in 2020.