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Learning Resources for Kids at Home Thumbnail

Learning Resources for Kids at Home

With schools closed, many parents are looking for resources to support our children's learning.  While re-creating an entire school day of work and activity can be next to impossible, having a bit of organization can provide a framework for child(ren) - and be helpful if parents are also working from home.  Schools and teachers may be providing assignments and online resources, but we wanted to suggest some additional ideas for learning inspiration.  

Having a variety of online resources to offer your child(ren) can help keep them from becoming bored, while also providing exposure to potentially new ideas or information.  Online tools are helpful, but don't forget the value of also sprinkling in learning while having fun with the classics: building Lego towers, word-searches, baking (fractions!), monopoly (still the most fun way to learn about money in my opinion), and puzzles.   We'll continue to add to this list and we'd love to know the sites and ideas that are working for you. 

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