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Manulife Securities Incorporated

Setting up online deposits from your bank account to your investment account 

is as easy as making a bill payment.

  • Sign into your online banking account
  • Select the option for bill payments
  • Set up Manulife Securities Incorporated as a payee by choosing "Add Payee" or "New Payee"
  • Search for and choose "Manulife Securities Incorporated" or "Manulife Securities Inc."
    • See below for the listing of participating banks and how the payee name is set up at each bank
  • Type in your account number - this is your Manulife Securities Investment account number - found on your Manulife Securities Investment statement.  NOTE: enter your account number WITHOUT any spaces or hyphens.
    (Please call or email our office if you don't have this account number).
  • Click "Verify Payee" or "Confirm Payee" to complete this step
  • Make your deposit from your bank account as if you are paying any other bill
  • Print/record the confirmation or reference number for tracking purposes

You should notify your Manulife Securities advisor once the payment has been processed.
Payments typically take one to three business days to arrive at Manulife Securities.  
Your advisor will contact you as soon as the funds are received.

Which Banks Are Participating?

Please see below for which banks are participating and how the Manulife payee name is set up for each bank: