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Market Update: Q2 2020 Thumbnail

Market Update: Q2 2020

The stock markets in 2020 have resembled riding a wild roller coaster for investors. Despite a very weak economic outlook earlier in the year due to uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, major global stock markets have recovered most of their losses for the year.

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In Want of a Smoother Ride Thumbnail

In Want of a Smoother Ride

Market volatility can be unsettling, and GICs can act as a risk balancer to your portfolio. GICs guarantee the repayment of your principal and interest, are backed by deposit insurance, and can be structured to deliver your returns when you need them.

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2020- What We Know So Far Thumbnail

2020- What We Know So Far

The COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak is affecting the world's economies. Philip Petursson, Chief Investment Strategist, Manulife Investment Management, writes about the economy of today, and looking forward.

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2019 Market Review and Glimpse at 2020 Thumbnail

2019 Market Review and Glimpse at 2020

We saw quite a turnaround story in 2019 compared with 2018. Despite escalating trade tensions between the United States and China, Brexit uncertainty, and a slowdown in the global economy, the year progressed in an unexpectedly pleasant fashion.

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TFSA info you need for 2020 Thumbnail

TFSA info you need for 2020

The Tax-Free Savings Account is a savings and investment account option for many Canadians. Learn more about TFSAs to see if you qualify and how to take full advantage.

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